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How does GoMerch work?

We are a young, spirited and creative company that allows anyone to create and offer products on the market with no initial costs. And this all in an effective way and with much experience in textile design, business and social marketing. We offer a long-term and multi-product service for various marks. We have been constantly trying to produce, update and deliver new products.

1 The User

GoMerch offers a unique opportunity to create a product tailored to your needs! We can create products meeting exactly your expectations. Merchandise production is here for all youtubers, musicians, artists, and bloggers – in short for anyone who wants to create his own clothing collection and other attractive products for their fans and followers.

2 Creating a Product

The first step to create a product according to your idea is GoCreator. Through this simple interface you change your idea into design, and we arrange its realization. You only have to get a little creative energy. Those who don’t have enough free time can trust smart designers with this duty who don’t lack good ideas.

3 Creating a Campaign

Campaign is important if you want to focus the right fans’ attention on T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks... (and we’ve got much more!). And if you want them get into the right hands.

4 Product selling

Our team takes care of production, selling and service. Our e-shop makes your shopping easy, well arranged and intuitive. We are also able to create your own e-shop meeting your vision. The elaborated system makes sure that the orders are processed on time and each delivery reaches the correct address. Besides, we are able to manage a stony store, goods delivery, creating an exhibition stand with your tailored products.

5 Achieving the goal

We work, you make money! We offer a 50/50 revenue share with the client with a possible VIP revenue share rates. We manage everything to minimize our client's worries and we take care of:

  • Products’ Design and Production
  • VIP store with connection to the automatic system
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • End Customer Communication
  • Shipping
  • Financial Coverage
  • Goods Storage
  • Warranty Service
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